For each home at Athena at Eddington, sustainability is woven into the fabric with the best and latest in sustainable living.


For each home Athena, convenient, uncomplicated sustainability is the new normal. This is not high-tech, just thought out and a natural part of Athena life. Solid construction, high levels of insulation and triple glazing help to keep the heating turned down and energy efficient kitchen appliances, aerated showerheads and taps help keep electricity and water consumption low. Athena homes have exemplary performance and sustainability built-in, measured on factors from environmental impact of construction to health and well-being, as well as protection and enhancement of the area’s ecology.


Green roofs benefit Eddington’s ecology and slows rain run-off to prevent flooding. Solar panels offer additional renewable energy for the home whilst triple glazing keeps in the warmth and keeps out the chill. Eddington’s open spaces are not just for people. Areas have been landscaped for bio-diversity and wildlife too. Thousands of trees have been planted, and many of Eddington’s buildings have features to encourage bird nesting. Athena homes will have composting and recycling facilities installed and in the future, Eddington will have its own allotments for a little bit of grow your own.


Homes at Athena will benefit from district heating, powered from the main energy centre in Eddington which will provide heating and hot water direct to every home. The energy centre uses gas to generate power and heat that is distributes to the Athena homes and is a vital part of the sustainability strategy. This centralised network aims to reduce energy wastage, helping us to achieve Code for Sustainable Homes Level 5 for the homes at Athena and creating an exemplar of sustainable living. Utilising a central energy centre results in lower CO2 emissions than receiving electricity from the typical power stations that feed the grid and instead of emitting the heat produced by typical electricity generation into the air, the energy centre will channel it underground to heat the homes at Eddington. A sustainable urban drainage system sees rainwater collected, stored and filtered, before being pumped back to homes. The water recycling system, the UK’s largest, channels run-off down landscaped swales, filtered naturally through Brook Leys reed beds, and returns it for garden watering, flushing toilets and for use in washing machines with the intention to reduce water consumption by half. One of the largest underground bin systems in the UK has been installed at Eddington, an innovative waste disposal method. A traditional system might have seen thousands of unsightly wheelie bins outside Eddington's homes, instead around 450 stainless steel bins for general waste and recycling are placed conveniently for everyone's use. Under each stainless steel bin is an underground sealed container which collects the waste and recycling. When the container is 80% full, a signal is automatically sent to the collection company to alert them to empty the container.